FAQ - Profile Setup Questions

I received a message that my profile is incomplete.

There are several issues that will generate these messages.  Our goal is to connect men who share a common interest.  That's easier when members post what they're into.  If you have nothing to post, members probably aren't going to be interested.

  • "Your profile headline is incomplete."  -- Means your headline is incomplete.  Your headline is not the same as your screen name.  This is a hookup site.  Everyone knows you're looking, curious and would welcome a HMU.  Subtle doesn't work here.  You've posted a profile in a fetish focused hookup site.  All anyone wants know is what about fisting are you into on AssPig?  What about nipples led you to NipplePlay.  What and how do you pump for PumpPig?  Do you have foreskin or want to play with foreskin on 4skinPig? Are you a pup or handler on RuffPup? And, what gear do you need to have on to get off?  If you can't come up with anything but "Looking", you've wasted your time, our time and it would be a waste of members' time if we let them see your profile.  If you want to use the site, come up with a headline that gives members a reason to reach out to you.
  • "Your profile text is blank or incomplete."  As above, say something about what you're doing here and looking for as it relates to the fetish focus of the site you joined.  "Later", "To Be Completed" and NA are not options.
  • "The profile you've posted is incomplete."  Confirm that the text and preference checkboxes are complete on the fetish fields of your profile.  If you haven't checked the fetish preferences, your profile will be invisible to members looking for Fisting Bottoms/Tops/Vers on Asspig or Experienced cock pumpers looking for buddies to pump with on PumpPig.  If you're profile doesn't reflect an interest compatible or attractive to other members, your profile will be closed.
  • "Your profile is incomplete."  You've posted your profile to a XYZ fetish community"  Each of our sites is tailored to a specific niche of fetish interest.  If you don't have an interest in that fetish, this isn't going to be the site for you.  You have an opportunity to review and update your profile if the omission was an error.  If your profile isn't updated or the profile remains unedited, the account will be closed.

How do I add my profile to one of the other sites?

From the Home screen -- Click Edit Profile Click Choose Community and check the box for the site/s you want to add your profile to and click Next at the bottom of the page. You're not done yet. Your browser will open in the Describe Yourself screen. Edit your profile text to clearly indicate your interest in the fetish the site you've added your profile is focused on and click Next. Click the Fetish Info tab and complete the fields for the site you've just added your profile to. Click Next Go back to the Home sceen. Click Upload Files. Either upload or set a primary picture that reflects your interest in the fetish of the site you've added your profile to. Once you have a photo or video selected, click the star icon and check the box for the site you're setting up for. Failure to clearly indicate an interest in the fetish of the site will result in a rejection of the join.

Need help?

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