FAQ - Membership Upgrades

I have an upgraded membership but I'm being prompted to upgrade

Despite our best efforts this happens too often. Because we're committed to offering free memberships our member database has to be maintained separately from the credit card upgrade member database. It's not uncommon for a monthly subcription to become out of date if the two databases get out of sync. If you think you have an upgrade but you're being prompted to upgrade click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the screen and ask us. We can check and correct any problem for you quickly.

Why didn't I get a reminder that my upgrade was about to expire

Despite our best efforts some members continue to believe that upgrades are required. They aren't and nothing will change on your profile if the upgrade expires. We don't send reminders primarily because no matter how the email was worded those members would still feel obligated to continue thier upgrades. Additionally, even if we did send reminders out many of you would never see them because the message would go to your spam filter.

If you're upgrade has expired and you want to upgrade by check again you can email me that you will be upgrading by check and a month of upgrade will be added to your membership in advance of the payment you are sending.

Why are the credit card upgrade options so much more expensive than upgrading by check?

The bank doesn't add any charges for depositing your payment and we rarely have problems maintaining upgrades directly from members.

The credit card service charges fees for every transaction and maintaining those memberships requires us to continually pay for programming time and administrative support that raise our costs of doing business. In addistion, every time a credit card payment is reported as fraud, the site is charged a $25 penalty.

We don't have any additional charges for checks and money orders and we almost never have a check returned for payment issues.  We'd like everyone to pay by check if that were an option and hopefully making payment by check cheaper will move more members to pay by check.

How do I cancel my Verotel Upgrade

It's much easier to ask us to cancel your Verotel upgrade. If you want to cancel yourself, go to www.vtsup.com You'll need the User code and Pass code that Verotel sent you when you initially upgraded in order to cancel.

Where is the Mail In upgrade form?

If you currently have an upgrade, you won't see the upgrade page until two weeks before your current upgrade expires. If you want to mail payment in and would like to use the form, you can download it here -- https://cdn.nippleplay.com/img/upgrade_form.pdf

Need help?

If you still can't find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us at for help and support.
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