FAQ - AOL issues

Email problems for AOL members

Asspig, nippleplay and cuirpig all use the same email system and some AOL members have reported problems with each site.

I don't receive email notifications of messages on the site No. You dont because AOL blocks them. The messages still go out and most members still receive them. AOL apparently doesn't respect your rights or abilities to filter your own mail so they've done it for you. If you have to use AOL, get a free email account at Yahoo! or another source for your messages.

I can't open my mailbox Some versions of AOL time out before the mail screen can open. You can resolve the problem completely in most cases by using Internet Explorer. If that's not an option for you, the alternative is to access your mailbox by clicking on the Send Mail link from any member's profile and then from the message screen click on the Inbox link.

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